Chelsea Dorsette

After losing touch for years, former schoolmates, Doug and Tracy, find themselves reconnected through the Internet. Living in neighbouring states, a heat that they never knew existed before catches fire and they quickly realize that they must reconnect in person to develop what is really going on between them.

Despite the geographical distance, Tracy and Doug try things they've never experienced before and fall deeper in love, and lust, with every passing day. But when an old flame and life-changing news bring their plans to a screeching halt, it threatens to rip the two lovers apart forever.

ISBN ebook: 978-1-77168-006-6
FICTION | Erotica
Word Count: 40,000
List Price: $2.99
Published: June 27, 2013
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"If you are in the mood for some straight up hot reading, Chelsea Dorsette is your kind of author."

~ The Reading Cafe


Sitting at her kitchen table with a cup of coffee, a shiver ran through Tracy’s body as she held her breath waiting for him to continue. Rationally she knew that it was crazy to have fallen for someone after only two days. And she chastised herself for not playing it cool. The last thing she wanted was to come off as being desperate. But in addition to the strong sexual current that ran between them, she also felt strongly that they had good emotional and intellectual chemistry. She had enjoyed their conversations every bit as much as she did the flirting. She couldn’t remember the last time she was as nervous waiting for someone to answer her. Doug continued, “I am desperate to get together with you, girl. I have thought of nothing else in the past two days but you.” Relief flooded through Tracy’s body as she let out the breath she had been holding for what seemed like forever.

She was so flattered by what he said that she couldn’t help but feel a rush of excitement coursing through her body. As she was just about to say something in return, Doug continued, “There’s just one small problem. August is the busiest month at the state park and on the mountain. We get slammed with campers and hikers. All park rangers are required to work seven days per week during this busy period. There’s no chance I can get away before early September.”

Tracy’s heart sank. That was another month away. But it made sense to her. She knew that thousands of tourists flooded that area in the summer and understood how every park ranger would be needed until the summer season died down.

Suddenly turning her disappointment into humor she teased, “Well, cowboy…I guess we’ll just have to get creative over the next few weeks!”

Doug was completely amused and very curious as to what she may be hinting at. Intrigued by her statement he asked, “Did you have something specifically in mind regarding our upcoming creativity?”

Chuckling into the phone she asked in a seductive voice, “By any chance do you have a laptop with Skype?”

Doug was immediately impressed with her ingenuity. Of course! Why hadn’t he thought of that? As he looked across the living room to his desk, he smiled looking at his laptop that did indeed have Skype. Answering her back in a deep sexy tone he replied, “Why yes I do. Something tells me that the next few weeks are going to be very interesting!”

About Chelsea Dorsette

Chelsea Dorsette was born in Boston, Massachusetts and now calls Raleigh, North Carolina home. Her writing career began after college in the radio broadcasting industry as a commercial copywriter. Some years later, she penned a handful of children’s short stories. Recently, she spent three years learning the craft of lyric writing with direction from some great Nashville songwriters. Chelsea's current love is writing erotic short stories. She loves the outdoors, her husband of 30 years, her family and friends, and of course her much beloved dog, Bradley.

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